History of the genuine Brazilian flavor

Pitú is one of the most traditional beverage companies in Brazil. It is located in Vitória de Santo Antão, Pernambuco, in the Northeast of the country, a region where one finds joy and tropical weather all year long.

The name Pitú and the expansion of a tradition.

In the early 1930s, when the company’s founders started producing Cachaça, there was a stream called Pitu because of the large amount of Pitu prawns in it. Therefore, Pitú founders decided to name their Cachaça after the prawn. Thus, introducing the picture and perpetuating the symbol of the company.

Identity Pitú the typical Brazilian drink.

Pitú’s current label has the same artistic idea as the one presented by Henrique de Holanda, a family’s friend that developed the first label in 1944.

Generation Management for Generation

Founded in 1938 by the Ferrer de Morais and Cândido Carneiro families, Engarrafamento Pitú Ltda. has been family managed and it is now led by the fourth and fifth generation of the two families.

From Pernambuco to the World

Internationally, Pitú pioneered exports. In the 1970s, it had already started exporting to the European market, and in the 1980s, to the USA. Today it is present in over 50 countries and acknowledged as one of the most consumed cachaça brands in the world. Pitú currently manufactures more than 90 million liters per year, which come in the traditional version, perfect to drink pure or blended into a “caipirinha;” as Pitú-cola, an innovative and refreshing product; in its premium version, Pitú Gold, and in its noblest, extra premium version, Pitú Vitoriosa, a tribute to its hometown of Vitória de Santo Antão. Pitú is the leader in the Northeast, in the Internacional market and vice leader in the hometrade Brazilian market.

Land of Carnival and Cachaça

Pernambuco is a Brazilian state, rich in culture, regarded as the land of Cachaça and Carnival. Pernambuco Carnival is famous for being a street celebration that is open for everyone, and is represented by Galo da Madrugada, the largest carnival parade in the world. Pernambuco is proud of its traditions and keeps Cachaça and Carnival as two big ones.

Pitu Visitor’s Center

Pitu Visitor’s Center was opened on June 06th, 2014, at Engarrafamento Pitu Plant.
It has many objects, photos and videos about the history of PITÚ permanently exhibited.
Visitors are welcome to see the first pot still of the company´s mill, taste a PITÚ Caipirinha at the facility’s bar and buy some Pitu product or souvenir.

The Pitú in the world

Pitú is number one in sales in the Northeast, the second one in Brazil and it is the most exported Cachaça. It was the first Cachaça to be exported. During the 70´s, the company started to export to Europe and, during the 80´s, to North America. Nowadays, it is found in more than 50 countries and it is recognized as one of the most consumed Cachaça brands in the world. According to IWSR´s Reports (International Wine and Spirits Research), Pitú Cachaça is among the 20 biggest spirits brands in the world. It produces more than 90 million liters of Pitú every year.