Learn more about the aging process of cachaça in wooden barrels

Anyone who likes yellow cachaça, knows how tasty and aromatic it is when aged in wooden barrels, right?

The whole process of using wood for aging is able to tinker with the taste perception of those who experience this Brazilian spirit, ensuring the drink to aromatic, flavour and colouring properties. These properties vary according to the wood and the time the drink  stayed in contact with it.

The barrel is a container made of wood used for the fermentation or maturation processes of beverages. The barrel transfers aroma characteristics to the drink, leaving it with a unique and unforgettable flavor.

Discover now some of the characteristics of the barrels used to age Cachaça Pitú:

American Oak

Cachaça aged in American oak features golden color, characteristic aromas of vanilla and coconut, mild flavor and complex aromatic bouquet. Pitú Gold is our premium cachaça 100% aged in American oak barrels for at least two years, where it reaches a golden color and an unmistakable fruity flavor. Remarkable and smooth taste with typical vanilla notes. It is best served straight, at room temperature or ice-cold.

European Oak

Aging in European oak gives Cachaça an amber color, plus aromas and characteristic intense flavors of almonds, toasted wood and tannins. Pitú Vitoriosa is an extra premium cachaça, matured in French oak barrels for five years which results in a smooth taste with notes of spices, burnt coconut, vanilla, toffee and almonds. It’s better served at room temperature or “on the rock” (one ice cube).