How to harmonize cachaça?

You already know that Cachaça is the typical and exclusive denomination of the sugarcane spirit produced only in Brazil. Like wine, cachaça can be harmonized with different types of dishes, from the simplest to the most elaborate.

But first, do you know what harmonization is? The term harmonize refers to balance, equalize, conform, combine or adapt. In this post, you will learn how to harmonize cachaça.

Harmonizations with Cachaça Silver

White cachaças are those that have not undergone the aging process in wood. Therefore, they do not acquire any extra flavor or aroma, enhancing the taste and aroma of sugar cane.

Therefore, it is recommended to harmonize with lighter dishes such as fish, seafood, meat and light cheeses. A very seasoned dish goes well  with a cachaça of less sensory complexity, as soon as it does not go through the aging process.

So you will have the opportunity to enjoy a dish where the flavor will stand out from the cachaça. Japanese food is also a good option to accompany the silver brandy. It is also recommended to use pure iced cachaça when harmonizing.

Harmonization with Aged Cachaça

Aged Cachaças, on the other hand, have an incredible sensorial complexity and the harmonization happens better with dishes with stronger flavors and more greasy foods without Cachaça being dominated by the flavor of the dish. The yellow cachaças are perfect to match with a barbecue, heavier red meats, strong and creamy cheeses like gorgonzola and roquefort.