“Say yes to Nature”  is an initiative PITÚ launched to improve and preserve the environment through 5 pillars. It is a way to contribute to the future the company (founded in 1938), as well as to the future of next generations.

A Green Company Gold Category

Engarrafamento PITÚ is Green Seal certified – Gold Category because of its care about the natural cycles, nature preservation and commitment with sustainability education for its employees and suppliers.

Water Management

All Water used in PITÚ plant goes through a modern effluent treatment station. Afterwards,  80% of this water returns to Tapacurá River and it is also reused in the plant facilities. PITÚ is certified as Tapacurá river protector by Pernambuco government environmental organization.


In order to have a minor impact on environment, PITU recycles 90% of solid residues generated in the plant and reuse 97% of the bottles of the product (which are returnable).


Following Pernambuco government environmental organization’s advice, Pitú reforests riparian forests nearby the plant area in order to preserve the local biodiversity.

Social Care

PITÚ supports Vitoria Humana Institute, organization that welcomes children and youth in the city of Vitoria de Santo Antao. Also, the company provides sustainability classes to high school students in the Visitor’s Center of the company.

Project Golfinho Rotador

PITÚ is a supporter of the Golfinho Rotador Project, one of the initiatives to protect the environment of Fernando de Noronha Island, the cradle of sugarcane in Brazil.