Do you know the origin of caipirinha?

One of the references for Brazil, along with carnival and football, caipirinha is the most consumed drink in Brazil. Unfortunately, there is no official historical record about the appearance and history of this drink, but it is a consensus that caipirinha appeared in the state of São Paulo, more precisely in the city of Piracicaba.

Some historians claim that it was ordered in the 19th century by landowners as a party drink, replacing whiskey and imported wine. Others claim that the caipirinha was created from a recipe with lemon, honey, and garlic, which served to cure the Spanish flu.

To speed up the therapeutic effect, it was common to add a little alcohol to home remedies, including Cachaça. Until, one day, someone decided to remove the garlic and honey. Then, they added a few spoons of sugar to sweeten the drink and ice, and so, the caipirinha came up!

With the creativity of the Brazilian, over time the drink gained new versions and new ingredients in its composition, in addition to the traditional lemon, cachaça, ice and sugar. They started combining caipirinha with other fruits such as passion fruit, strawberry, kiwi.