Do you know how to drink cachaça?

Cachaça is the typical and exclusive denomination of the sugarcane spirit produced only in Brazil and protected by Brazilian legislation. Similarly to other spirits, Cachaça may be tasted in different manners. It’s time to discover some of them:

On the rock

Like other spirits, it is possible to drink cachaça with ice cubes or “on the rocks”. The ice in the cachaça melts and dilutes the drink, providing a possible improvement in the opening of aromas and a break in the alcoholic flavor. But be careful, don’t let the ice melt, making the cachaça watery and bland.. Also, this practice is more recommended in aromatic cachaças, such as those aged in wooden barrels.

Cachaça in the freezer

Some people like to drink cachaça very cold and usually keep their favorite bottle in the freezer. When it reaches low temperatures, cachaça softens its sensory and taste. The freezer will make the cachaça acquire a “liqueur” texture, reducing its alcoholic perception in the mouth, but highlighting other characteristics, an effect similar to the ice. And don’t worry, the cachaça will not freeze!

On drinks

In addition to the famous caipirinha, cachaça can also be used in the recipe of several drinks, creating unexpected cocktails with Brazilian flavors or remaking classics that normally take drinks such as gin, vodka and whiskey.