Discover myths and truths about cachaça

Check now four myths or truths about this Brazilian distillate:

Cachaça should be taken in small sips

TRUTH. To take advantage of all the sensory abilities of Cachaça, it is recommended that your tasting be done slowly, in small sips and swirling the drink throughout your mouth so that you can feel its flavor.

I drank cachaça produced in another country

MYTH. Cachaça is the typical and exclusive denomination of the sugarcane spirit produced in Brazil, is protected by law and its production is restricted only to Brazil.

Cachaça whets the appetite 

TRUTH. Cachaça increases appetite due to its complexity, as it “opens” the taste buds and prepares them for meals.

The older the better

MYTH. The time during which the Cachaça remains in contact with the wood does not define whether it is better or worse. What defines the quality of Cachaça are good production practices, so if a low quality cachaça is stored, it will not become good. Aging defines the complexity of sensory notes and it is necessary to have a well-tasted palate to perceive them.

Cachaça should be drunk in transparent glasses

TRUTH. The ideal is to make the tasting in transparent glasses so that we can analyze the look, viscosity, oiliness and purity of the cachaça.