Did you know that drinking cachaça can be good for your health?

Drinking too much alcohol can be harmful to your health. However, the conscious consumption of cachaça can bring some health benefits. Want to learn about some of them? Continue reading!

Moderate alcohol intake has the ability to dilate the wall of veins and arteries, raise body temperature and facilitate blood flow, preventing the formation of clots and thrombosis. Studies indicate that those who consume alcohol moderately may present a higher level of HDL, good cholesterol, than the others, consequently decreasing the risk of heart attack.

According to a study conducted by researchers in California, patients who ingested one to two drinks a day had a 32% reduction in the risk of death from heart-related problems. In addition to these benefits, intellectual capacity and reasoning can also be improved with moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages, even reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s

Aged cachaça can bring even more benefits to our health. Compounds supplied by wood, have antioxidant and anticoagulant properties. The greater the contact of the drink with the wood, the greater the extraction and concentration of these compounds in cachaça, and consequently, the more health benefits.

The World Health Organization states that the ideal daily consumption is about 30g of alcohol, the equivalent to two doses of cachaça. However, the ideal amount of cachaça to be consumed varies according to the metabolism of each individual.