Curiosity: Cachaça freezes?

You already know that Cachaça is the typical and exclusive denomination of the sugarcane spirit produced only in Brazil and protected by Brazilian legislation. Some people like to drink cachaça very cold and usually keep their favorite bottle in the freezer. When it reaches low temperatures, cachaça softens its sensory and taste. But the question is: does cachaça freezes?

The answer is yes! Despite the myth that alcoholic drinks do not freeze, as well as all water-based liquids, Cachaça also freezes. However, this spirit is not a pure substance like water, as it has alcohol and sugar cane juice in its composition. Therefore, it behaves differently than pure water when placed inside the freezer.

The question, therefore, is not whether Cachaça freezes, but to know from what temperature it freezes. For this to happen, a temperature of 10 ° and -1 ° Fahrenheit would be necessary, depending on the alcohol content.

In other words, cachaça, like other spirits, cachaça freezes, only at very low temperatures, which our appliances are unable to reach.