Brazil in the bottle

There is no more Brazilian drink than Cachaça. In 2001, sitting at a table, big businessmen discussed business and economics with the then President of the Republic, Fernando Henrique Cardoso. Among the entrepreneurs was Maria das Vitórias Cavalcanti, Master Blender and Director of External Affairs of PITÚ

She remembers spending a good part of the meeting quietly, while others listed extensive demands from the private sector. Until the president spoke directly to her. “He asked me what I wanted. I said: ‘I want you to make a decree saying that cachaça is a Brazilian product’. ‘That’s all? ‘, he arrives in amazement! ː That’s it, Mayor”, he says, laughing.

That is how cachaça became a geographical indication, the first nationwide in the country. Decree 4,062 of 21 December 2001 made the expressions cachaça, Brazil and cachaça from Brazil geographical indications, defining the drink as an exclusively Brazilian product.

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