Bartenders around the world: time to meet Debora!

Discover more about Debora Riguette! Born in Brazil and currently working in the US as bartender!

How and when did you become interested in mixology?

Six years ago I came to live in the United States and after 5 days living here I went to work in a Brazilian restaurant where the main dish was picanha, a dish that goes well with caipirinha. And in this restaurant there was no one to make the drinks and we ourselves who served the tables had to do it.

Because I like making caipirinha, I started to dedicate myself and research more about it and when I did the drink customers loved it and came back on other days at the restaurant. With that I realized that I was on a nice path and started to study about drinks and decided to dedicate myself to work in bars and make the most delicious drinks for customers.

What is your relationship with the Brazilian cocktail?

Brazilian cocktails are very strong here in the United States, and besides that, I always work in Brazilian restaurants. The main alcoholic drink we sell is caipirinha or fruit cocktails with cachaça.

What ingredient is perfect in any drink?

I bet on the lemon! The citrus flavor of the lemon is perfect in many drinks and combines with cachaça, tequila, vodka, rum, and other ingredients, being mashed, squeezed or cut.

Check out this delicious drink recomended by bartender Debora!

2 oz of Pitú Cachaca
1 oz of coconut cream
1/2 oz of passion fruit juice