Bartenders around the world: Meet Esteff!

Discover more about Esteff! Born in Brazil and currently working in the US as bartender.

How and when did you become interested in mixology

I started working at a beach kiosk, in Itanhaém, São Paulo. Of course, the first thing you learn to do in a bar kiosk is caipirinha! Then, I started working in a famous bar in São Paulo and these were my first two experiences in the area.

From 2002 to 2007 I worked in Brazil at events, parties and learned a lot. Then I got a job to work for a cruise company and it was my first contact with international cocktails and that’s when I started to arouse the desire to learn more about the area and new techniques.

What is your relationship with the Brazilian cocktail?

As of 2009, they began to invest in the area and the coquetry grew a lot in Brazil. Brazilian bartenders began to study natural raw materials, learning how to make syrups, tinctures, all kinds of blends to not only depend on brands. And that took Brazil to another level within the area, because we have products that do not exist anywhere in the world.

What ingredient is perfect in any drink?
I’m a lemon fan! The lemon is versatile and adds flavor and aroma, so for me it is essential for most drinks, be it in the form of juice, in the form of zest, twist or syrup.

What’s your favorite drink?

I love Rum and Cachaça. Rum first, because of my sweet taste. But a good cachaça, aged in barrels, I’m a big fan. Pitú Vitoriosa is outstanding, tastes wonderful and very easy to drink.

Check out this delicious drink signed by bartender Esteff!


2oz of a good quantity of Chachaça;

1 oz of ginger syrup (made with fresh ginger and brown sugar);

A dash of seltzer and a very dense and flavorful lime foam on top;

Garnished with a dried lime slice;