3 different drinks to make with cachaça

Cachaça is a typical distilled spirit made from sugarcane juice and produced only in Brazil. When you think of Cachaça, usually Caipirinha is the first drink that comes to mind. But this spirit has a sensory complexity and offers a multitude of drink possibilities for you to try.

Check here 3 recipes of drinks for you to make with Pitú:



1 1/2 oz (75ml) of Pitú Silver

1oz (30ml) Cointreau

One cinnamon stick

1 whole cherry

ice (crushed)


Place all drinks into a shaker and mix them well

Add crushed  ice and garnish with the cinnamon stick and the cherry



75ml of Pitú Silver

100 ml Cranberry juice

50 ml Orange juice

ice (crushed)


Add all ingredients to a shaker and mix them well.

Add crushed ice and to the mix, and serve with a orange peel slice.



20 ml of White Wine

40 ml of Pitú Silver

30g of lime

40g of green apple

15g of sugar

150g of ice


Macerate the lemon, apple and sugar. Add Pitú Cachaça and ice, and stir the shaker for 5 seconds to mix. Serve in a glass of Caipirinha and finish with the white wine, the lemon wedge and a straw.