The secret to make the perfect caipirinha

Tasty and refreshing, caipirinha is the official drink of Brazil. But do you know how to make a perfect caipirinha? Find out now with Pitú!

Choose the limes well

Choose a soft lime with the smoothest peel possible, which means it’s ripe for consumption and will have a good amount of juice.

Cut your limes the right way

One of the secrets to make the perfect caipirinha is to cut the limes the right way. First, slice off each pointed end of the lime. Then cut it in half and remember to remove the white core. That’s the secret! The white part in the lime’s core is bitter and if you don’t remove it, it may bitter your caipirinha. Then, cut halves into quarters and it’s ready to muddle! 

It’s all about muddling

Caipirinha is all about muddling! You must muddle the lemon and the sugar together, the sugar will help to lock the punch in the fruit when macerating. Muddle gently, without using too much force, but with enough energy to obtain a good amount of juice in the glass. Also, try not to hurt the peel of the lime too much, so you don’t bitter the drink.

Now you’ve learned the three main secrets to make a perfect caipirinha. Cheers!